Unfamiliar Driving Situations

Our friends at Geico just posted a great article about unfamiliar driving situations. It starts with good information for when you need to rent a car.

  • Find one similar to your own vehicle. It will make driving less stressful because you won’t have to worry about acclimating yourself to a vehicle with drastically different dimensions, which often presents a challenge for drivers.
  • Get your bearings. When you hop in the driver’s seat of the rental, spend a couple minutes learning the main controls. Locate the switches for the headlights, turn signals, windshield wipers, climate controls and other things you may use. More importantly, adjust your seat and the mirrors properly while you’re parked so you don’t get distracted fiddling with them while traveling on the freeway.

If you are renting a car, make sure to check your coverage options on your policy – often times your policy will cover some of the risk with rental cars. Your credit card company may also offer some additional protections as well. Most importantly, check your coverage against the rental car company’s policy. You might be able to save a little more on the cost of your trip.

The article also includes more tips about road trips with your own car. But it’s important to remember, that the better prepared you are for traveling, the easier and safer the trip should be.

With summer approaching fast more drivers will be on the roads, and on longer trips. Check road conditions on your planned routes, as well as weather for areas along your journey. A GPS can help if road conditions change, and you need to find an alternate route. Preparing yourself, your vehicle, and checking your coverage are good ways to take some of the worry out of travel, and help you enjoy your trip, with less frustration. Take your time, enjoy the trip and arrive safely!

unfamiliar driving situations


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