Teen Drivers

Safe Driving Resource Center

Teen Driving Resource  – cdc.org-

This site from the CDC offers statistics and information of teen driving.

National Safety Council  -nsc.org-

This site covers information of safe driving and preventing fatalities while in the drivers seat.

Teen Driving Tips – Teendriving.com-

This site helps teens understand the basics of driving and ownership of their vehicles.

Teen Driver Safety – Teensmartdriving.com-

This site is about driver safety and the behavioral and social factors that lead to teens crashing.

Teen Driving -nhtsa.org-

This government agency (Department of Transportation) gives information of teen driving safety and ways to protect teens.

Teen Driving Statistics -rmiia.org-

This site gives statistics of teen driving.

Teen Drivers -iii.org-

This site is by the Insurance Information Institute and talks about teen driving and recent developments in safety.

Keys To Drive -teendriving.aaa.com-

This site is from the AAA Insurance company and covers everything teens will want to know about driving and safety.

Teens and Driving– allstatefoundation.org-

This site brought to you by the All State Insurance Foundation helps teens understand the importance of driving skillfully.

Teens and Texting– impactteensdrivers.org-

This site is a great recourse for letting teens know why and how texting can affect their driving and statistics to prove it.

Teen Drivers License -dmv.org-

From the Department of Motor Vehicles, this site is a great recourse for teens wanting to get their permits or licenses.

Driving Tips  – dmv.org-

The DMV gives teens great driving tips on this site.

Teens Safety -teensafedriver.com-

This site talks about the teen safe driver program, and all the information parents might want to know as their child starts to drive.

Teen Safe Driving – Teen Safe Driving Coalition-

This site provides information on educating teen drivers and other recourses that might be helpful for teen drivers.

Driving Tips -teendriving.org-

This site gives great tips for the new driver including general driving basics.

Safety Tips  -pta.

This site from the National PTA, gives safety tips for new teen drivers and also gives statistics.

Teen Driving -safecar.gov-

This site is more geared towards parents of teen drivers and is very helpful when wanting information of teens and driving.

Distracted Driving -nhtsa.org-

A helpful page on why distracted driving kills and how to prevent this in teen driving.

Teen Driving Injuries -From the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia-

This page gives statistics on research presented by working with teen drivers.

Safe Teen Driving -safekids.org-

This blog gives information on teen driving statistics and research projects that have been done on teen driving.

Teen Driving Risks -driveithome.org-

This site is a helpful resource for parents and teens on keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

Teen Driver Safety -youth.gov-

A helpful site that provides information on what works in regards to keeping teens safe behind the wheel.

Cell Phone Apps -familycircle.com-

This article talks about a cell phone App that can keep your teen safe while driving.

Teen Driver Safety  -ghsa.org-

This site provides information from the Governors Highway Safety Association.

Chevrolet Safety -automobilenews.com-

This article talks about Chevrolet and their new safety features for teen drivers.