High Risk Insurance Programs

The Best High-Risk Programs

State Farm

State Farm has a high-risk auto insurance program. If it is hard for you to get auto insurance because of your age or amount of accidents you have been involved in, try State Farm. Depending on the state in which you live, there may be additional discounts.

Department of Motor Vehicles -dmv.org-

Here is what the DMV.org has to say about high-risk drivers. They define a high-risk driver as someone who has a higher likelihood of filing a claim.

Acceptance Insurance

This insurance company deals with high-risk insurance and offers programs to those types of drivers. It is only offered in certain states so check out the website for more information by clicking on the link.

About California Automobile Assigned High-Risk Plan Valuepenguin.com

The CCARP is a program that allows high-risk drivers to be allowed into a “pool” where they can have access to the same insurance as everyone else.

The General Insurance Company

This company provides high-risk insurance as well as low-income insurance.

Online Auto Insurance

Information about online auto insurance, including high-risk insurance.

New York Motorist

New York Motor Insurance has high-risk insurance plans for residents of New York State.  This site also talks about the state-run automobile insurance plan which is meant to “cover” you if you fall under the high-risk category as a driver.

Comprehensive Auto Coverage for High-Risk Drivers -Autoinsurance.org-

This page talks about how a high-risk driver is defined and what it means if you fall into this category.

High-Risk Driver -thebalance.com-

This article talks about ways and reasons you may be a high-risk driver.

Am I High-Risk? -insurify.com-

Read this blog to find out if you would fall under the category of a high-risk driver.

High-Risk Drivers and Different States -wallethub.com-

Here are different state’s leniencies towards high-risk drivers. Find out how your state reacts to you being high-risk.