Car Safety Video Page

Owning and operating a vehicle is a huge responsibility. Here are a few informational videos to better prepare you as a driver.

Here Is How You Can Be A Safer Driver:



Here are some key tips for teens trying their hand at driving. There are great ways to better understand the laws surrounding driving. Statistics show that teens are more likely to get into an accident than any other kind of driver. After 6 months of driving, the amount of accidents decrease significantly. What does that mean? The more you drive, the better chance you have of not getting into an accident. Click Here for the Teen Resources Guide.


Here are 10 no-brainer tips for safe driving. You have probably heard these tips many times before. However, we still ignore the basic safety precautions when driving.This video will break down why essential safety elements are so important.



5 tips for safe driving. Drinking and driving, and even over the counter drugs and driving can impair your driving ability. This video also talks about distracted driving. Anything that takes your eyes off of the road or hands off of the wheel is the main ways distracted driving cause accidents.


3 simple upkeep and safety tips. From checking fluids to changing a tire. You should always be prepared in case you break down on the side of the road. Click Here for more information on car safety.




A great way to stay safe while driving is to follow the three second rule. This short video explains how abiding by this rule could save you from a potential accident.


This video is all about distracted driving. There are many helpful tips for driving in a healthy state and not being overwhelmed why behind the wheel. This great advice could save you from an unnecessary accident.


This video is all about car seats and how they can save lives. You must first purchase a quality car seat. Then, you must install it correctly. Car seats have been proven to save children’s lives. This video is a great how-to on car seats and how they work as well.



This almost 30 minute video, goes into great detail about safe driving for commuters. There are many techniques in this video which we know about but sometimes do not follow. This general overview is a great refresher for anyone wanted to drive long miles or who commute to work.


This is a short video on how to change your cars oil. Most people don’t think about the importance of changing their cars oil, but changing your oil regularly can save the cars engine. Take a quick look at how to check your oil and make sure your car is running smoothly.