10 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

What should you have in your car?


Here are some tips on how to be safe and prepared when owning and driving your vehicle.

We’ve all been there. You don’t think it’s going to happen to you, them WHAM! An accident. Or maybe your hood starts smoking. Maybe you even see those red and blue lights flashing behind you.

You pull over.

Your heart is racing.

But if you are well-prepared there should be nothing to worry about. You have your cheap car insurance, right?

1) Car Insurance and Registration

If you get pulled over, you will need to have this on you. Keep it safe inside of a zip lock and store it away in your glovebox. I know, I know, your glove box is full of old CD’s and napkins from Starbucks. Well, clean it out and make room for the important things like your car insurance and registration.

2) Spare Tire, Tire jack and Tire Iron

According to lifehacker.com, a spare tire, tire jack and tire iron are the #1 items you should always have in your vehicle. If you have ever blown a tire or had a flat, these items are essential. Unless you have the luxury of roadside assistance, you may want to know how to change a tire.

3) Jumper Cables

Even if you have never needed these on your own car before, there may be someone else in need of a jump. Save yourself the trouble of asking for help, and store a pair of jumper cables in your trunk. Make sure you know how to use them first by reading the manual, click here.

4) Car Manual

Every car should come with a car manual. Make sure that you keep this in your glove box just in case a strange light appears on your dashboard and you need to look up what the symbol means. Or how much tire pressure you should have. Or even what sort of oil you need for your car. Your manual will tell you everything you need to know.

5) Duct Tape and WD-40

You wouldn’t believe the things you can do with duct tape. Repair after repair. It’s cheap and essential.

WD-40 is for your everyday squeaks. It removes grime and prevents rust. You can spray it on wheels, doors and just about anything else that needs lubing up.

6) Flashlight and Umbrella

Have you ever gotten into your car on a rainy day and realized that an umbrella would be most useful? Keep one in your car just in case. These fit especially well in the pouch behind your front seat.

A flashlight is always handy in the case of an emergency. Have to change a tire at night? Your flashlight could be a life saver. It doesn’t have to be huge, but something dependable that has a long battery life or is easy to recharge. Here is a list of flashlights you might be interested in.

7) Maps (plural)

The kind that are made out of paper. You should have a map of the state you live in and also a map of the United States in case you go on a road trip. When your phone dies, or you are out of service range, a good old fashioned paper map will get you where you need to go.

8) Baby Wipes and a Blanket

This may seem strange, but I cannot tell you how many times baby wipes or conventional hand wipes will save you. Dirty hands? Kids spill something in the back? Allergies? Picking up a date and need to clean your car real quick? Yep, wipes will solve all of your dirty, germ-y problems.

A blanket is a great idea as well. A blanket is not just good for keeping warm, but you can spread it out on a nice park lawn, or bring it into a baseball game as extra cushion on the bleachers. Child asleep in the backseat? A blanket is a nice sentiment.

9) USB Mobile Charger 

Make sure it works too! If you use your phone for work, getting around town and just about everything else, you will want to make sure you have a phone charger in your car just in case.

10) Seatbelt cutter and Window Breaker

This may seem extreme, but in a life or death situation, you will want one of these. You can get one for super cheap online and it will be well worth the small investment. It could come in handy for yourself or a rescue situation for someone else.

It’s always better to be over-prepared than under-prepared. Just like it’s always better to be over-insured than under-insured.


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