How To Pass Your California Motorcycle Driving Test

How You Can Pass Your Test With Ease


We all know how fun it is to turn those tight corners on the back of a bike. Or to speed your way through traffic, lane-splitting. Maybe you just need to get your motorcycle drivers license to commute to work. Maybe you have dreams of racing, or cruising with a club. Whatever the reason, getting a motorcycle license takes studying and practice. Two wheels just isn’t the same as four. You will also want to surround yourself with like-minded people who ride often. It is always better to learn by taking advice and tips from those who have been riding for years. Make your dreams a reality by following these steps.


Here are some easy steps you can take to achieve your goal:


First, you will need that cheap motorcycle insurance you have been searching for. You can skip the hassle of searching for cheap quotes yourself and talk to a helpful representative. Even if you don’t have to be fully covered by state law, you will want to be. Make sure that you are over-insured as opposed to being under-insured. We all know that riding a bike is risky. Make sure you have collision and comprehensive coverage. Towing and Uninsured Motorist coverage won’t cost you much more and is well worth it! Cheap motorcycle insurance in California is easy to find.

Second, you will need to find the right bike for you. Maybe start out with something smaller and easy to handle. Here is a list of great starter bikes. One of the best bikes on the market for someone just starting out is the Yamaha WR250R. It has a 249 cc single cylinder engine. It isn’t as cheap as some other starter bikes, but you can find one new for just under seven thousand, or a bit less for a used one. If you are on a budget, you might want to consider the Honda Grom. It’s only three thousand dollars, but has a much smaller engine. 125 cc’s is what you’ll get for this price. However, Hondas are very reliable bikes.

Third, study your road signs. Now, if you have been driving a car for a while, you may be thinking that this isn’t necessary. But you will be tested on road signs. Freshen up your skills by studying them! Here is a list of free California DMV practice Tests.


Other Tips For A Successful Test:


Fourth, once you have the bike you want, test it out. Know everything about it and how it operates. Make sure you feel comfortable on it. Go out to a parking lot with a mentor and hug some turns. Practice makes perfect. If you need ideas, here are five motorcycle riding skills you can use everyday! Remember to upshift, downshift, know how to use your mirrors and hand signals.

Fifth, arrive at your DMV appointment on time. In fact, arrive early. There is always a wait, so arrive promptly and don’t give the DMV any excuse to put off giving you your test. Make sure you bring your mentor. Yes, you need to bring another licensed driver with you.

Sixth, turn off your phone and put away any distractions. Be friendly and patient. Try and stay calm and just remember the basics. If you have put in the time to practice, then this should be a breeze. Being organized with your paperwork always helps take the edge off. Make sure you have all of your proper paperwork filled out. And don’t forget to bring your permit!

 Ideas To Get You Started:


Insurance To Protect You – Make sure that before you get on the back of a bike, you are insured. New drivers and riders are more likely to get into an accident.  Make sure you have enough motorcycle insurance to cover hospital bills and damages to your bike. You can also qualify for discounts if you take a safety course.

-Bring a DOT  (Department of Transportation) certified helmet. You are only required to wear a helmet during your test. However, wearing other types of protective gear is always a good idea. The DOT helmets will cost you around $100 if you’re thrifty.

-Build confidence in you and your bike. Make sure that you feel comfortable on your own bike for the test. If you are more confident on a smaller bike, then use that bike for your test. You will want to feel good about the bike you are riding, especially during your test.

Just remember, after all is said and done you will be the one responsible for your bike. Once you have your license, you have accomplished a goal and can ride with freedom! Join a club, or take a friend out for a ride. There is nothing stopping you! Be prepared, stay relaxed, and be on time to your DMV appointment.

The rest is history.

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