Car Insurance Hacks To Save Money

Over at the the Blog, they have a new post about some money saving tips for car insurance. These days every *tip* or *trick* is now deemed a *hack*, but if it can save you money, then the name doesn’t really matter.

In the first tip, it’s recommended that you invest in security equipment for your vehicle. Things like alarms, tracking devices (like LoJack™),  and glass etching are pretty common ways to protect your car. But they do point out that factory equipment like air bags, and antilock brakes can reduce your premium cost. Fortunately, most new vehicles are required to have these modern safety devices.

Next the post hits on something you can do to your policy that will directly impact your rates. By increasing your deductible, you can save some money on the cost of the policy. But be prepared – the increased cost of the higher deductible can put you in a financial tough spot.

The next tip they offer is to bundle policies – if you are a renter or a homeowner , that is always good advice. You can get significant discounts in both policies by putting them together with a single insurance company.

The fourth tip in the post is to park your car in a garage.  While cars parked in a garage are less likely to be stolen, or broken in to, the rate saving isn’t great as you might think, but it is one more thing that is within your control, that might have have some impact on your premium.

The last item the post mentions is to let your insurer know if you have completed any classes like drivers education, or perhaps a defensive driver class offered through your employment. ProTip: driving school classes for traffic tickets are not something that will qualify for a discount.

While these seem like pretty basic things to consider, added up, they can make a effect in your car insurance premium that you’ll feel in your wallet!

Five Car Insurance Hacks To Save Money

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