Cheap Motorcycle Insurance Fremont, CA

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 Fremont, California is a Bay Area gem. It’s located in Alameda County, and is a relatively young city. There are many Museums such as the Children’s Natural History Museum. There is also a Railway Museum! Did you know that The California School For The Deaf is located in Fremont? Along with many other outstanding schools.

The BART, which is Bay Area transportation ends in Fremont. Many residents take The BART into San Fransisco for work. Fremont is also a very culturally diverse city. It is known for its Indian Cuisine with over 25 Indian-style restaurants here. There is a small man-made lake called Lake Elizabeth. Runners and bikers enjoy the paths that run around this lake. The park makes for a great weekend getaway for the family.

Even though Fremont is a city, there are still great hiking trails. Try hiking Mission Peak, where you can see views of the Silicon Valley. It is a large but thrilling climb to the top! Fremont is the 4th largest city in the Bay Area and has a population almost reaching a quarter of a million people. Many major freeways run through Fremont and it gives residents here easy access to the things they enjoy. If you are a motorcycle rider, you may be eager to know that you are not alone. Fremont has many motorcycle and scooter shops! Ride through the beautiful Bay Area, or head up in into the mountains of the East Bay.

If you are hoping to get a motorcycle soon, or already have one, you know you need great insurance. Attain the cheap motorcycle insurance Fremont residents need.

There are state requirements.


Motorcycle Insurance In Fremont

The California state minimum requirements for motorcycle insurance are:

  • Bodily Injury Liability Limits: $15,000 per person/ $30,000 per occurrence
  • Property Damage Liability LimitsL $5,000 per occurrence

You may want more than just the minimum. Get the cheap motorcycle insurance you deserve!

Here are some other options which you might want:

  • Collision coverage is used to cover all of your own costs when involved in an accident. The state minimum only covers the other party involved.
  • Comprehensive coverage is something you will need for other types of damages to your motorcycle as well as protecting yourself against theft.
  • Towing is a great option because you don’t want to be stranded on the side of the road.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage will make sure you are covered if someone without insurance hits you.


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