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Moving Forward With Hydrogen Fuel

In 1801 Humphry Davy demonstrated the principle of what became the hydrogen fuel cell. In the 1960’s NASA first used the hydrogen fuel cells in space missions. During the 70’s and 90s, oil crisis situations prompted the development of larger

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Transforming Cell Phones From Threat To Lifesaver

cell phone

It is no secret that cell phones are a major part of distracted driving, and that distracted driving kills’ people. New studies have been conducted using the vast amounts of data provided by the very devices that cause the distractions,

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New Tech For Cheap Car Insurance

tech for cheap car insurance

In 1992 the first twenty-four satellite system was launched and in 2000 the Department of Defense purposefully decreased the accuracy of GPS to prevent enemy combatants from using it against us. After the year 2000, GPS became ten times more

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