2017 Top Safety Picks

What Are The Safest Cars Of 2017?


According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, there are a few ways to choose a safe car. One is by qualifying for a Top Safety Pick or Top Safety Pick Plus in their program. To qualify, a car must  earn a “good” in five crashworthiness tests. They must also have an “advanced” or “superior” rating for front  crash prevention and a “good” headlight rating.

Let’s take a look at what vehicles may surprise you this year. I have broken them down into groups. It’s hard to compare an SUV to a small sedan. Even if you have the safest car on the planet, you will still need insurance. Attaining good cheap car insurance is easy! Depending on the year of the car and sometimes its safety ratings, you could save money on car insurance.  It is always a good idea to rate the risk of a potential car. Researching vehicles before buying could save you a lot of grief.

If you are looking for a safe car, let these next models knock your socks off! Ranging from tiny two seaters to large Pickups, safety is a matter of structural integrity. There is not only one type of car that is safer than others. So do some shopping and look at what is out there.


 What are the safest cars in each category?


Mini Cars 

Mini Cars are defined as very small cars, especially sub-compact.

2017 Mini Cooper Hard Top– This applies to the two-door models only. This car rated “Good” in all five categories for crashworthiness. It also received an “Advanced” rating in front crash prevention. Headlights and child seat anchors were rated “marginal”.

Mid-size Cars

Mid-sized Sedans are defined as a D-segment or large family car.

2017 Chevy Malibu- This vehicle is not only beautiful to look at and spacious on the inside, but excels in the crash test ratings. It received a “good” in all five crashworthiness tests and a “superior” for front crash prevention.

2017 Honda Accord– This car is always good company in the safety categories. This car has been tried and true for years. Receiving “good” and “superior” scores in all categories, the Accord is a great choice when shopping for a car. It is also rated as a top car to buy teen drivers.

Luxury Cars

Luxury cars are defined as cars that have pleasant or desirable features beyond strict necessity and at an increased expense.

Audi A3 and A4– This car is not only good-looking, it sells itself with its top safety performance. Receiving a “good” in all five crashworthiness categories and “superior” in crash avoidance and mitigation, you can rest assured the Audi is built for safety.

BMW 2 Series– Not only did this car receive a “good” in all five crash tests, as well as an “advanced” in front crash prevention, it also has some of the best tested headlights and child safety measures around. Look for yourself! If you are willing to spend a little money ($33k), you should check out the 2 series!

Large Cars

A large sedan is defined as a full-size car, that is larger than a mid-size and comfortable for a large family and their luggage.

2017 Buick La Crosse– Everything checks out as “top-notch” on this large car. The only thing falling short are its headlight ratings. You can choose to customize this feature if you desire.

Kia Cadenza– This surprising car has everything you are looking for. We often don’t think of a Kia as being the safest car on the road, but this one outperforms some of the best according to the IIHS. With “good” and “superior” rating on everything, the only part needing a little help is the anchoring for car seats.

Sport Utility Vehicles

Classified as a light-truck but useful as a family vehicle, sports utility vehicles are a frequent choice among many American families. You can choose an SUV with four-wheel drive as well as a tow package.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe– This classy looking mid-sized SUV is perfect for the family. With almost a perfect rating in all categories, you will feel secure driving this Hyundai.

GMC Acadia– Besides the headlights ranking as “marginal”, this SUV is passing every test with flying colors. A sturdy looking vehicle, GMC has produced a fine SUV for everyone.


A minivan is a small van with seats in the back for passengers.

2017 Chrysler Pacifica– Do you want a van with as many safety features as any other sedan or SUV? Chrysler has made a super safe and trustworthy van for the family. Ranking very well in all crash tests, as well as a decent headlight safety test, this minivan has it all.


A Pickup is defined as a small truck with an enclosed cab and open back.

2017 Honda Ridgeline– You might not think of Honda as producing pickup trucks. But the Ridgeline is a truck to remember. With excellent safety ratings and a stylish exterior, you will love what Honda has produced. Superior crash test ratings and headlight ratings are a sure way to make you and your family feel safe.


So it’s true! You can find the vehicle of your dreams and drive safely.

You will still need great car insurance, and the regular maintenance servicing, but with these top picks, you can feel safe and secure while out on the road.

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